Refund policy

If you return goods, we will refund the value of the product, but the buyer is responsible for the return shipping, delivery, and sending of the products for the return. Returns sent as cash-on-delivery will not be collected and will be returned to the sender. The product should be well packaged. If the product has been damaged or used in any way, we reserve the right to deduct a depreciation corresponding to the decrease in value compared to the original value of the product from the refund amount.


The product is inspected by us before being sent to the customer. If the product is still defective upon arrival to the customer, we commit to rectify the issue at no cost. Any defects should be reported promptly to We reserve the right to reject a complaint if it turns out that the product is not defective. We also reserve the right to have the product returned to us for inspection. If the fault cannot be rectified or an equivalent product cannot be delivered, we will refund you for the defective product. For approved complaints, we cover the return shipping.