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Diaper cover/ All-in one Slim | 3-15kg

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Diaper cover/ All-in-one

Our softest and most gentle cloth diaper. This slim model is extra sleek, with a great fit even for the tiniest ones.

The outside of the diaper is made of our finest supersoft fabric, an extra soft and pliable waterproof fabric that breathes. Our supersoft is made from recycled materials.

One size model for 3-15 kg, with buttons to adjust the size.

Absorbent inserts are placed inside the cloth diaper.

The inserts are placed loosely in the cloth diaper to be used as a "cover", or can be snapped in place with buttons to make an "all-in-one" diaper without loose parts.

The cover does not necessarily need to be washed after each change, just change the inserts and reuse the cover for multiple changes before washing.


About cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are washed after use and can be used throughout your child's diapering period.

Today's cloth diapers are modern and functional, and they also look great. At Time Ahead Sweden, you can find modern cloth diapers that are easy to manage.

In reality, a modern cloth diaper isn't more complicated than disposable diapers; the difference is that you wash and reuse it.


Material and product information

2 layers of 100% recycled polyester (TPU)

70% bamboo, 30% cotton

The materials in the diaper are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX

Responsibly produced in China.
The recycled plastic in each diaper is equivalent to two collected PET bottles.

Washing instructions

Wash at 60°C
No bleach
No fabric softener
Do not tumble dry

How many diapers do you need?

For full-time use, it's good to have at least 24 diaper changes. This can vary based on how often you can and want to wash your cloth diapers. But for most people, around 24 changes are sufficient to rotate through.
Pocket diapers should be washed after each change, as they have a stay-dry fabric on the inside.
Diaper covers can be used for multiple changes before washing, as you can change the inserts and reuse the cover again.

Customer Reviews

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Riktigt fint blöjskal

Vackert mönster och väldigt funktionell - inget läckande PUL här! Hade dock önskat dubbla benresårer och kanske något tunt naturmaterial på skalets insida för att främja andningsförmåga samt förbättra känslan "mot huden" 🌷

Jehad Reda

Blöjskal /Allt-i-ett Slim | 3-15 kg

Lina Ek

Blöjskal /Allt-i-ett Slim | 3-15 kg

Mjuka och fina!

Så himla mjuka och fina(prints) sioskal! Verkligen jättenöjd med blöjan och vill köpa önbu fler fina prints!


Super mjuk och följsam! Tack för bra och snabb service.