In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know to get started with cloth diapers for your child

Customize the diaper to your child

Our cloth diapers are one-size and adjustable with snaps. This makes it easy to customize the size according to your child's needs, so the diapers always fit perfectly

How do you change a diaper?

Before putting on the diaper, adjust the height by snapping the front snaps. They adjust the amount of space around the legs. A good guideline when fastening the diaper around the waist is that you should be able to fit two fingers between the diaper and the baby.

Newborn diaper, Diaper cover or Pocket diaper?

We offer three practical models of cloth diapers that are used together with cloth inserts. These diapers are easy to wash and reuse after use

  • Newborn diaper 2-6kg

    Newborn / All-in-one diaper has an inner lining that is extra gentle and removes moisture from the baby's skin. For babies who pee a lot, the included fabric insert is used to provide extra absorption by stuffing it into the diaper

  • tygblöjor med absorberande inlägg

    Less washing • Lower cost

    In the diaper cover, you replace the cloth inserts at each diaper change and use the cover several times before washing, or you can leave the insert fastened in the cover to get an "all-in-one" diaper without loose parts

  • pocketblöja slim insida

    Like disposable diapers • Gentle on the skin

    The pocket diaper has a gentle inner lining that holds the cloth inserts in place in the diaper while removing moisture from the baby's delicate skin

What do you need to have at home?

It doesn't have to be all or nothing. For some, it feels good to start full-time with cloth diapers, while others start with a few and try them out at their own pace. The number of cloth diapers you need depends on how often you want and can wash your cloth diapers

  • hur många tygblöjor behöver man?

    Cloth diapers

    If you are considering using cloth diapers for your child full-time, we recommend that you get at least 24. That way, you can use 6 diapers each day and wash them every three days

    • 3 to start or 24 for full-time use
  • tvättlappar

    Cloth wipes

    Cloth wipes are a perfect complement to cloth diapers. Moisten with lukewarm water and vegetable oil for smooth diaper changes. Store and wash the the cloth wipes together with the cloth diapers

    • 5 to start or 20-30 for full-time use
  • wetbag


    For storage before washing, we recommend wetbags or meshbags. Wetbags provide waterproof storage that keeps odor away and comes in sizes for both the laundry basket or changing bag

    • 1 medium wet bag to start or 2 large for full-time use

Wash and store cloth diapers

When the diaper is used, simply tip the poo into the toilet. If the poo are loose, it is usually okay to take some toilet paper and flush it down the toilet.

If you have a child who only breastfeeds or drinks formula, it is water-soluble and you do not need to remove the poo before washing.

Wash at 60°C and preferably use a high water level


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