Begagnade tygblöjor. Preloved tygblöjor. Tygblöjor av bra kvalitet

Why choose preloved?

Cloth diapers have a long lifespan and can endure through more than one child's diapering phase. In Sweden, there is a thriving secondhand market for cloth diapers. By buying and selling preloved items, you're benefiting both the environment and your finances.


Advantages of preloved

Did you know that cloth diapers become more effective at absorption the more they are washed? Just like new towels need to be washed multiple times for optimal absorbency, cloth diaper inserts also need to go through several wash cycles. This is why many people prefer to purchase preloved cloth diaper inserts.


Buying used cloth diapers

We want our products to have a long life, and we are pleased to offer cloth diapers that are sold again after previous use. The diapers are thoroughly cleaned and of good quality.

You can purchase preloved TimeAheadSweden cloth diapers here

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