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The founders of Time Ahead Sweden

So glad you found us!

Welcome to Time Ahead Sweden - a dream realized by two sisters with hearts full of ambition and drive. Let us take you on a personal journey through our childhood memories, our growing bond as sisters, and how these experiences have shaped our commitment to sustainability and change.


Even as little girls, we had big dreams and an endless curiosity about the world around us. Our early endeavors as young entrepreneurs included growing and selling pumpkins, searching for the most beautiful stones to paint and sell, and even planning to build an entire amusement park in our backyard. The last project may never have come to fruition, but our dolls experienced the most exciting and creative rides in our imaginary world.


"There is something magical about being children and having dreams as infinite as the universe itself."


During these formative years, we learned about having ambitions and driving our ideas forward. It was these early experiences that would set the stage for our future collaboration and our commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Our sisterly bond has always been strong and close. We have shared laughter, dreams, and challenges. What was once a sketched project of our future homes, a duplex with secret passages connecting our two houses, turned out to be more prophetic than we could ever imagine. Today, we live as next-door neighbors in the place where we grew up, and our shared dream continues to grow.


"It is our duty to pass on values to our children and to the world."


Our journey towards sustainability and environmental consciousness began here, in our childhood, where we learned to take care of our surroundings and use our resources responsibly. Now, as parents of young children, we feel it is our duty to pass on these values to our own children and to the world.

But here is where our story takes a new turn. When our own children were small, and quite amusingly, we were on parental leave at the same time, Emelie took the first step and tried modern cloth diapers. She soon showed Marielle how easy it could be to reduce the growing pile of waste, which, honestly, was getting quite substantial. We were completely enchanted by this new project, and the drive of our childhood was awakened once again.

We soon realized that we wanted to share our newfound enthusiasm with other parents and started sewing cloth diapers for sale. We loved the feedback and your warm words that propelled us forward to develop our products even more!

The combination of parental leave and our passion for cloth diapers was a dream come true. But with increased demand, we had to make an important decision. Our intuition told us it was too good to pass up the opportunity to produce on a larger scale. There were more parents out there who felt just like us - that the feeling of not having to throw away every diaper was a bonus for the planet.


creation of cloth diapers

So, we began exploring materials and collaborating with factories to produce on a larger scale, all while our love for the products and our passion for product development remained at the core of Time Ahead Sweden.


"Discovering and refining our strengths."

But there is one crucial puzzle piece in our story that must not be forgotten. Our older sister, yes, because we are actually a trio, has always been there as a helping hand and a voice of reason. She is the key when it comes to finances and numbers, and her ability to keep track of the details and ensure our creative plans are heading in the right direction is invaluable.


And so, our story is complete. We are the sisters Emelie, Marielle, and our older sister, who together have shaped Time Ahead Sweden. Thank you for choosing to be part of our journey. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for our children, for our planet, and for all of us.


We look forward to continuing this journey with you and creating more amazing products and experiences.


testing cloth diapers