How do cloth diapers work?

Cloth diapers are washed after use and can be used throughout the child's diapering period.

Briefly, a cloth diaper consists of absorbent layers of fabric on the inside (inner diapers or inserts) and a waterproof "shell" on the outside (wool or fleece).
Today's cloth diapers are modern and functional, they are also really stylish and come in a variety of different varieties. Everything from ready-made "all in one" diapers to diapers that fold. With us at Time Ahead, you will find modern cloth diapers, pocket diapers that are easy to handle.

A good choice

For us, it is important to offer the best for both you and your child. Our diapers are designed to provide maximum comfort for the baby, with carefully selected materials that breathe and wick moisture away from the baby's skin. Soft stretchy fabrics and several adjustment options give the diapers the best possible fit. As a parent, it is also important that diaper changes are easy and smooth. Actually, modern cloth diapers are very similar to disposable diapers, the difference is that you wash and use them over and over again.

For the environment

What we all parents wish for our children is a good future. By choosing recycled and renewable materials, as well as replacing disposable products with sustainable alternatives, we are doing the world a great service. Small changes make a big difference, just by using cloth diapers on a child saves the environment on 1 ton of garbage!

For the economy

If you feel that cloth diapers are something for you and go into it wholeheartedly, you can save up to SEK 15,000 on one child, and as much as SEK 34,000 on two children!

Cloth diapers don't have to be all or nothing, the important thing is that you as a parent find your way to take on the world of diapers. If you look at the economic aspect of being able to reuse a diaper, changing one disposable diaper a week is enough to save money.

There is a good secondary market for cloth diapers. The resale value is relatively high. On Facebook there is a large and good community and good groups for buying and selling.

Read more about the economic benefits of cloth diapers here.

How many cloth diapers do you need?

For full-time, it is good to have at least 24 cloth diapers. It depends a little on how often you want and can wash your cloth diapers. But for most people, about 24 nappies are enough to go around.

Wash and store cloth diapers

Most people wash their cloth diapers after 2-4 days. Before washing, the nappies are most easily stored in a wet bag, then they do not smell. Store your wetbag in a bucket that is not completely sealed. A pedal bin works well.
- Inserts/inner nappy (absorbent) are washed after each change
- Pocket diapers are washed after each change
- Wool shells are washed every 3-4 weeks. They stay fresh for a long time without washing

Cloth diapers for beginners

We have developed test on packages!
For those who want to try our diapers.
But most of all, we have thought of you who are new to cloth diapers or haven't dared to take the step to try them yet.
Brand new fine products, with open purchase for 30 days. Wash, use and try!
The fact that the products in our test packages are used does not affect the open purchase of 30 days.
It should be easy to make a good choice. 🤍
You will find the packages here.


The diaper riot

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