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Starter kit | Pocket diaper 5-17kg

Starter kit | Pocket diaper 5-17kg

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Cirkulär logotyp med ’ND’ i mitten och ’NORD QUALITY’ runt om – återvunnet material.Second-grade products. Diapers and wet bags in these packages are sorted outdue to print quality.
Nothing that affects the product's function,the pattern in the product is slightly blurry.

Our package is a great start for getting started with cloth diapers in a convenient and affordable way.

With three cloth diapers and accompanying inserts, you get everything you need to start. If you wish, you can also choose to add wipes and a storage bag.

Cloth Diapers

Discover our simple and user-friendly cloth diaper, perfect for both beginners and experienced parents. Designed to make diaper changes easy and worry-free, even if you've never used cloth diapers before.

Easy-to-use design

Smart one-size design that fits children from 11 to 37 lbs. The diaper is adjustable with practical buttons, so it grows with your child.

Packed and ready – most similar to disposable diapers

The pocket diaper has a practical pocket where you insert the absorbent inserts. This way, you can prepare all the diapers in advance, making diaper changes easier.

Soft and recycled material

The outside of the diaper is made of a soft and durable fabric that is gentle on your baby's skin. Since it is made from recycled material, it is also a good choice for the environment. The inside of the diaper provides a comfortable and dry feeling, gentle enough even for the smallest ones.

Eco-friendly and economically smart

By choosing cloth diapers, you are not only making an effort for the environment by using recycled materials, but you are also saving money in the long run. Our diapers are durable, tough, and can be used over and over again.

Material and product information

Cloth diapers created with care for both your child and the planet

The fabric in the diaper is coated with a water-repellent surface that allows the fabric to breathe (PUL)

The inside of the nappy has an extra gentle fabric, which helps remove moisture from the delicate skin and provides a dry and pleasant feeling for the child.

Our absorbent pads are made from a gentle blend of bamboo and cotton. These natural fibers not only provide a nice softness and comfort for your child, but are also formulated to provide high absorption.

Our cloth diaper is responsibly produced in China.



Pocket diaper: 100% polyester (PUL). Inside of 100% polyester (Stay dry)

Insert: 70% bamboo, 30% cotton

Washing instructions

Care for your cloth diapers, for long-term use and maintained quality. So they can be used and benefit more small butts.

Wash at 60°C, do not use fabric softener or bleach and do not tumble dry.

How many diapers do you need?

Optimizing your diaper stash - A handy little guide

When it comes to diaper changes, it's good to have enough diapers to keep everything smooth and comfortable. To make your choice easier, we have here some tips to optimize your diaper stash and make your parenting even easier and more sustainable.


Find your perfect amount

For full-time fabric bleaching, we recommend having at least 24 diaper changes. How many you need depends a little on how often you can and want to wash your cloth diapers. For most families, about 24 changes is enough to have enough diapers to rotate and always have one ready for use.


Ready packed in pile orsave with shell diapers

Our pocket diapers are designed for simplicity. They are "packed" and prepared into a diaper without loose parts before the change. The entire diaper is washed after each change, as it has a fabric on the inside that needs to be washed after each change.

Our shell diapers are a good choice for those who want to minimize washing and have a lower initial cost. They can be used for more changes before washing, because you easily change the inserts and reuse the shell again. A great system for parents who want to make a sustainable choice.


What one prefers for a system can be very individual. Below are examples of how three diaper changes can look like:
- 3 pocket diapers + 6 inserts (two inserts in each pocket diaper)
- 1 shell + 6 posts (two posts per change in the same shell)

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