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Choosing cloth diapers - Elin talks about her experiences

Choosing cloth diapers

Discover Elin's journey towards a more sustainable parenting with cloth diapers. Get insights, tips and inspiration to make the transition to cloth diapers easy and rewarding.

Welcome to a new post on our blog, where we want to share experiences with cloth diapers - a world full of pattern, function and durability.

Today we have the pleasure of sharing with us the experiences and insights of a real parent regarding the choice of using cloth diapers. Elin, a mother of two wonderful children, Lennon and Presley, generously shares her journey from disposable diapers to cloth diapers in her family life.

Her story is a reminder that every small step towards sustainability counts and that the path to finding the perfect one for your family must be unique.

Join us on this inspiring journey through Elin's words, and discover how cloth diapers can become part of a sustainable everyday life.


Choosing to use cloth diapers - Elin's words

My name is Elin and I am the mother of Lennon (f-19) and Presley (f-22). We started with cloth diapers when Lennon was 7 months old. With Presley, we started right after we got home from BB.

My tip for those who are considering starting with cloth nappies is not to bet everything on one brand and model, but test yourself to see what works for you.If the budget is not that big, there are nappy packs to borrow from the Diaper Uprising if you are a member, to find a brand that fits.

Something to keep in mind is that as the child's body shape changes, there may be periods where some diapers no longer work. They may then come back to work a while later...

Misconceptions about cloth diapers is that it is washed all the time. Right now we run one or two cloth diaper washes a week. There will of course be more in the beginning when more diapers/day are used, but it's not like it needs to be washed all the time (depending on how many diapers you have, of course).

Another thing is the poop. Where does it go? That you stand and poke it with your fingers, for example. There is rice paper to catch the poo once food has been introduced. You can then just throw that together with the poo.

When breastfeeding alone, the poo dissolves in water, so it can be washed away in the machine without any preliminary work.

It's no worse than taking care of soiled clothes, which can often happen with throwaways. Cloth diapers hold poop much more often!

We chose cloth diapers because Lennon's butt turned red from disposables, they smelled so bad before he even peed in them and they crumbled.

The advantage of fabric is that they don't smell and the skin feels so much better. And it is nicer, both in appearance and so the child avoids the "hanging butt" that once gives 😉

My favorites at TimeAhead are the diapers in Dalascog and Dalablomster. Such wonderful prints! With us, all the models of their diapers fit so well, but I would probably say that the older model of the 5-17kg pocket right now fits the best of all here 🙂



Choosing cloth diapers - Elin talks about her experiences

I'm Emelie, founder and writer here at Time Ahead Sweden. I am a mother of three children and am driven by a passion for the environment and sustainable parenting. I have a great interest in sustainable choices in everyday life, where my journey in sustainability started to take off when I myself became a mother for the first time. I found it challenging, and indeed difficult, to find good choices for a sustainable lifestyle as a parent.

My ambition is to inspire about the benefits of sustainable lifestyle choices. At Time Ahead Sweden, I share my insights and experiences on how small changes can make a big difference, everything from sustainable options for changing diapers to minimalism in everyday life.

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It can depend a bit on the type of water you have, but we usually recommend starting with the laundry detergent you are used to at home. This often works well! Otherwise, I know that many prefer Grumme tvättsåpa or Ocean dubbeldryg.


Loved this blog post. Cloth diapers are not as scary as many think! I started cloth diapering my baby. What laundry detergent brand do you recommend? We have Tvättex tvättmedel.

Much appreciated!

Isabella L.

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