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Disposable inserts for cloth nappies

Disposable inserts in cloth diapers

Disposable inserts in cloth diapers are thin inserts that are placed closest to the baby's skin to catch feces and protect the cloth diaper from dirt and ointments. These inserts are soft and gentle on the baby's skin and a flexible addition to facilitate diaper changes.


How to use disposable inserts?

The disposable insert is placed in the cloth nappy, closest to the child's skin. The insert lets wetness through and catches feces to facilitate diaper changes. After use, the insert can be easily thrown in the trash.

When is it good to use disposable inserts in the diaper?

Disposable inserts are suitable for use in cloth diapers when the child has started eating solid food. Before then, the faeces may be so loose that they are not caught by the disposable insert. Small children also have sensitive skin and may need to be lubricated with helpful ointments, which can affect the fabric's absorption. Therefore, it can be an advantage to use disposable inserts to protect the diaper.

Advantages of using disposable inserts in cloth diapers

The disposable inserts make it easy to manage dirty nappies and are especially handy when on the go or when cloth nappies are used by babysitters and nurseries. In addition, they can help protect cloth diapers from ointments and other dirt that can affect the absorption of the cloth.

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