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Disposable liners in cloth diapers

Disposable liners in cloth diapers are thin inserts placed closest to the baby's skin to capture feces and protect the cloth diaper from dirt and creams. These liners are soft and gentle on the baby's skin, providing a convenient solution to facilitate diaper changes.


How to use disposable liners:

Place the disposable liner in the cloth diaper, closest to the baby's skin. The liner allows moisture to pass through while capturing feces to simplify diaper changes. After use, the liner can be easily disposed of in the trash.

When is it a good time to use disposable liners in diapers?

Disposable liners are useful in cloth diapers when the baby has started eating solid food. Before that, the feces might be loose enough that it doesn't get captured by the disposable liner. Infants also have delicate skin and may need the application of soothing creams, which can affect the fabric's absorbency. Therefore, using disposable liners can be advantageous for protecting the cloth diaper.

Advantages of using disposable liners in cloth diapers:

Disposable liners make it easy to manage soiled diapers and are particularly practical when you're on the go or when cloth diapers are used by caregivers and daycare centers. Additionally, they can help protect cloth diapers from creams and other dirt that might affect the fabric's absorbency.

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