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How does a Diaper Shell/All-in-one Diaper work?

What is a Diaper Shell/All-in-one diaper and how does it work?

The nappy shell is a modern form of cloth nappy, it works like a disposable nappy but you can wash and use it over and over again. Usually, a diaper cover lasts two full diaper periods, sometimes more.


How to use a Diaper Shell/ All-in-one diaper?

Absorbent fabric inserts are used in the diaper shell.

The inserts can be placed loosely in the shell to be used as a "shell", alternatively fastened with buttons to get an "all in one" diaper without loose parts.

Our diaper covers are designed to grow with the baby. You adjust the size with buttons on the front of the diaper. This makes it possible to use the diaper during almost the entire diapering period of the child.

After use, you remove any excrement, if you have used a disposable insert in the diaper, you throw it in the garbage. The shell does not necessarily need to be washed after each change, it is enough to change only the inserts and use the shell for several changes before washing.

  • The diaper is padded with absorbent inserts
  • Adjustable in size with buttons
  • Washed and used again and again

Why use Diaper Shell/ All-in-one diaper?

Diaper shell/ All-in-one diaper is an excellent option for those looking for flexible cloth diapers that minimize washing. The diapers are made of carefully selected materials that are gentle on both children and the environment. Because the diapers can be used many times, they are an affordable alternative to disposable diapers.

  • Diaper covers/ All-in-one diapers are easy to use
  • Gentle on the child's sensitive skin
  • Sustainable alternative to disposable nappies
  • Cheaper than disposable nappies


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