Vad är en pocketblöja? Hur fungerar en pocketblöja?

How to use a Pocket diaper?

What is a pocket diaper and how does it work?

A pocket diaper is a modern type of cloth diaper that functions similar to disposable diapers but can be washed and reused. Typically, a pocket diaper can last through the entire diapering period for two children, sometimes even longer.


How to use a pocket diaper?

A pocket diaper has a pocket where you can insert inserts, one or two depending on the amount of liquid that needs to be absorbed. Our pocket diapers are designed to grow with the child and can be adjusted in size using snaps on the front of the diaper. This adjustability allows the same diaper to be used throughout most of the child's diapering period.

After use, you should remove any feces. If you have used disposable inserts in the diaper, you can dispose of them in the trash. To protect the elastic of the diaper, remove the inserts before washing. The entire diaper should be washed with each change.

In summary:

  • Insert the diaper with absorbent inserts
  • Adjust the size using snaps
  • Wash and reuse


Why use pocket diapers?

Our pocket diapers have a stay-dry fabric on the inside that keeps the baby dry. Pocket diapers are an excellent choice for parents looking for easy cloth diapering solutions. Due to their simplicity, they are often appreciated by caregivers and at daycare centers. The diapers are made of carefully selected materials that are gentle on both the baby's skin and the environment. Since they can be used many times, they are a cost-effective alternative to disposable diapers.

Benefits of pocket diapers:

  • Easy to use
  • Keep the baby dry
  • Gentle on the baby's sensitive skin
  • Sustainable alternative to disposable diapers
  • Cost-effective compared to disposable diapers
  • Tip! Store pre-stuffed diapers at the changing table to make diaper changes convenient
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