How to achieve a good fit with cloth diapers?

Onesize cloth diapers are best suited for use a few weeks after birth. They can be adjusted in size to accommodate the child until they are ready to be potty trained.

Some individuals can use Onesize diapers for newborns, while others begin using them around 4kg.

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Every child is different, and how a cloth diaper is fastened can vary from child to child. Some are long, while others are short. Some have chunky thighs, and others have slimmer legs...

Read below for our tips on how cloth diapers should fit.


How Should a Cloth Diaper Fit?

A modern cloth diaper should sit slightly lower than a disposable diaper. About 1-2 cm below the belly button is an appropriate height.

When adjusting the height of Onesize cloth diaper models, fasten the front snaps of the diaper to make it smaller.

When you've put on the cloth diaper, it should:

  • Not gap around the legs
  • Sit about 1-2 cm below the belly button


How to Put on Cloth Diapers?

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When putting on cloth diapers, it's a good fit if you can fit two fingers at the child's waist.

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Fasten all the snaps on the tabs for the best fit.


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If the diaper is fastened in a smaller size, you can push the fabric up in the front to achieve an optimal fit.



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It can be helpful to tuck the diaper into the crotch to ensure it fits well.


Once you've put on the cloth diaper, it's good to:
  • Fit two fingers at the waist
  • Push the fabric up in the front
  • Tuck the diaper into the crotch


Cloth Diapers Leaking?

Getting a good fit with the diaper usually isn't very difficult. If the diaper is loose and gaping, it might need adjustment.

If leaks occur, the most common reason is that there isn't enough absorbent padding in the diaper. It's quite common to use two inserts in a pocket diaper.

Use one or two high-quality inserts, and it should work well.

Many find that using two inserts is necessary when the child is over 6 months old.

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