Tips för att packa BB-väskan

Tips for packing your hospital bag

Tips for packing your hospital bag

Preparing for childbirth and the initial days at the hospital (Birth Center) can be an exciting and perhaps even slightly overwhelming task. Regardless of how much time you invest in planning and packing your hospital bag, the practical aspects will always fall into place. The most crucial thing is to have support and comfort during labor, and for you to feel at ease and well-cared for at the hospital. So, take a deep breath and let's explore some tips and ideas to kickstart your packing process.

One suggestion is to divide your packing into items needed for labor and those for the hospital stay, making it easier for your support person to find what's required at the moment.



Identification: Make sure to have your identification with you.

Cell phone and charger: Having a cell phone and charger on hand can be useful during labor.

Water bottle: Staying hydrated is important, so bring a water bottle.

Hygiene items: Pack essential hygiene products like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and possibly lip balm.

Hair ties: Keep a few hair ties available to keep your hair away from your face during labor.

Snacks and candy: Bring along some snacks and candy for extra energy during labor.

Soft and comfortable clothing: Pack soft and comfortable clothes suitable for labor.

Comfortable underwear: Ensure you have comfortable underwear for labor.

Indoor slippers: A pair of indoor slippers can provide comfort for your feet.


Identification: Make sure to have identification.

Cell phone and charger: Bring a cell phone and charger to stay connected and accessible.

Water bottle: Have your own water bottle for easy access to water.

Hygiene items: Pack necessary hygiene products for an overnight stay.

Change of clothes: Ensure you have extra clothes available for an overnight stay.

Snacks and candy: Bring snacks and candy to keep energy levels up.

For Hospital Stay - Mom

Nursing pads: To manage potential milk leaks, nursing pads can be helpful.

Soft and comfortable nursing bra: A comfortable nursing bra can be very useful during your stay.

Nursing-friendly clothing: Pack clothes that are easy to nurse in, such as nursing clothes, cardigans, or wrap tops.

Soft pants: Bring a few pairs of soft and comfortable pants to feel at ease.

Soft toilet paper: Having your own soft toilet paper can provide comfort.

For Hospital Stay - Baby:

3-4 onesies or sleepers: Pack a few soft and comfortable onesies or sleepers for the baby, preferably with snap closures for convenience.

Pacifier in the smallest size: If you plan to use a pacifier for the baby, having one in the smallest size can be helpful.

Baby blanket: While the hospital provides blankets, bringing your own blanket, especially one with familiar scents, can be cozy.

Season-appropriate baby hat: Bring a lightweight hat to keep the baby warm and protected. In summer, a thin hat can shield from the wind.

Season-appropriate baby outfit: Depending on the season and weather, bring a suitable outfit for the baby's trip home.

Booties: Pack a pair of soft booties for the baby's tiny feet.

Baby car seat: If you plan to drive home from the hospital, it's important to have a baby car seat.

Remember that everyone is unique, and your needs and preferences may differ from others. Therefore, our list can be a good starting point, but you can certainly customize it according to your own desires and circumstances. Take the time to consider what's important to you, and pack with care and love.

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