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Wash and store cloth diapers

How to Wash Cloth Diapers

We all have different conditions for how we can wash and store cloth diapers. Here, we will go through a few different scenarios, but first, the basics of washing cloth diapers.

  • Remove solid waste from the diapers before washing.
  • Take out inserts from pocket diapers before washing to avoid unnecessary wear on the elastic.
  • Breastfed/Formula fed poop can be washed off in the machine.
  • Store used diapers in an airy space.


Do you wash the entire cloth diaper at every diaper change?

During diaper changes, ensure that the baby has a dry diaper against their skin. Diaper covers do not directly touch the baby's skin and can therefore be used multiple times before washing.

  • Pocket diapers are changed completely at each diaper change.
  • Inserts/inner diapers (absorbent part) are changed completely at each diaper change.
  • Diaper covers (waterproof part) can be used multiple times before changing.
  • Wool covers are washed every 3-4 weeks. They stay fresh for a long time without washing.


What detergent should you use for cloth diapers?

Use the gentle detergent you use for your baby's other laundry. Wash wool with detergent specifically designed for wool.


Washing routine - 1 to 4-day intervals

If you use many diapers, it's advantageous to have a larger, well-ventilated laundry storage/bin. Waterproof laundry bags/pail liners or mesh bags are good options.

Wash at 60°C (140°F) with plenty of water. Alternatively, you can do a cold pre-wash before the main wash.


Washing routine - 4 to 7-day intervals

When there are more days between washes, it's good to establish a sustainable routine. One option is to do a cold pre-wash every other day during storage before washing all the diapers at 60°C (140°F).

Another option is to let the used diapers dry before storing them, allowing them to be stored for more days before washing.


Storing Cloth Diapers

Before washing, store the diapers in a wet bag to prevent odors. Store your wet bag in a bin that is not completely sealed. A pedal-operated trash bin works well.

Tip! If you use a small number of cloth diapers, you can wash them together with your other 60°C (140°F) laundry. Wash them in a 40°C (104°F) pre-wash before adding your regular laundry.

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