In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know to get started with cloth diapers for your newborn baby.

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Customize the diaper for your child

Our cloth diapers are one-size and adjustable with buttons. This means that one diaper fits throughout your child's diapering journey. It's a convenient way to customize the size according to your child's needs, ensuring that the diapers always fit perfectly

Diaper cover or pocket diaper?

We offer two practical models of cloth diapers that are used together with cloth inserts. These diapers are easy to wash and can be reused after each use

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    Less laundry • Lower cost

    In the diaper cover, you replace the cloth inserts during diaper changes and reuse the cover several times before washing, or you can leave the insert attached to the cover to create an 'all-in-one' diaper without separate parts

  • pocketblöja slim insida

    Similar to disposable diapers • Gentle on the skin

    The pocket diaper has a gentle inner lining that keeps the cloth inserts in place within the diaper while also wicking away moisture from the baby's sensitive skin.

What do you need to have at home?

It doesn't have to be all or nothing. For some, it feels good to start full-time with cloth diapers, while others begin with a few and gradually find their own pace. The number of cloth diapers you need depends on how often you want and can wash them

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    Cloth diapers

    If you're considering using cloth diapers for your child full-time, we recommend getting at least 24 pieces. This way, you can use 6 diapers per day and wash them every three days.

    • 3 for a starter or 24 for full-time
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    Fabric washcloths are a perfect complement to cloth diapers. Moisten with lukewarm water and vegetable oil for a smooth diaper change (or just oil if the child tends to get dry). Used washcloths are stored and washed together with cloth diapers.

    • 5 for a starter or 20-30 for full-time.
  • wetbag


    For pre-wash storage, we recommend wet bags or mesh bags. Wet bags provide waterproof storage that keeps odors at bay and come in sizes suitable for laundry baskets or diaper bags.

    • 1 medium wet bag to start or 2 large ones for full-time

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Wash and store cloth diapers

When the diaper is used, simply tip the solid waste into the toilet. If the stool is loose, you can usually use a bit of toilet paper to wipe it off and flush it down the toilet.

If your child is exclusively breastfed or formula-fed, the stool is water-soluble, and you don't need to remove it before washing. Wash at 60°C and preferably use a high water level.

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    Disposable liners

    Disposable liners make diaper changing even more convenient. The insert is placed closest to the baby's skin to capture waste and simplify diaper cleaning. After use, the disposable insert can be easily discarded in the trash

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    Mesh bag

    Open the drawstring and place the entire bag in the washing machine, it will empty itself in the machine. Ideally, store the mesh bag in a large wet bag for a waterproof and odor-free storage solution

We're here to answer your questions

If there's anything we can assist you with in your diaper choice, don't hesitate to contact us through the chat at the bottom right corner.

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