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Diaper change and changing table

Time to Change Diaper - Tips for Changing Table and Diaper Change

An organized and safe changing table makes diaper changing easier

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to the changing table is safety. When changing diapers at the changing table, it's good to have one hand on the child while they lie there. This will help make the child feel safer and ensure they are lying securely. It may also be a good idea to have a toy or something else to distract your child if they become restless during the change.

Plan the changing table for diaper changes

In addition to keeping your child safe and distracted, it's also important to have all the tools needed within reach. Make sure you have enough clean diapers and washcloths close at hand. Having access to running water or a spray bottle with water to facilitate cleaning is convenient. If it's difficult to get your child clean, consider using a bit of rapeseed oil to make it easier.

When the child is a little older and not interested in lying on the changing table, you may need to be a bit creative. One tip is to place the clean diaper on your lap while sitting down and lift the child onto the diaper to fasten it. This is usually an appreciated method for lively children to put on a clean diaper again.

Storage of cloth diapers before washing

For parents who use cloth diapers, it's also important to have a plan for storing them before washing. Many believe that cloth diapers can smell bad, but with the right storage, you can avoid unpleasant odors. A common option is a trash bin with a laundry bag inside or several smaller laundry bags. You can also use waterproof laundry bags that breathe, known as PUL bags, wet bags, or waterproof bags. Ensure that your cloth diapers are stored in a well-ventilated space, and if you can't wash them immediately, let them dry before placing them in the laundry storage.

Find a routine that suits you and your family

As a brand-new parent, diaper changes might feel a bit daunting. Many parents can probably relate to the feeling of their child seeming so small and delicate. However, after a few diaper changes, you'll soon find your routine and get to know your child better. Many children appreciate the time spent with their parent at the changing table, so take the opportunity to tickle and cuddle a little extra while also checking the rest of your child's body to ensure everything looks good.
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