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Cloth pads day 2-pack

Cloth pads day 2-pack

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Cloth pads - normal ansorbency

The cloth pads are thin and comfortable with snap buttons to keep them securely in place.

Suitable for normal flow.

Can also be used as panty liners and for urinary leakage.

The absorbent bamboo terry fabric is soft, flexible and has antibacterial properties.

The outer fabric is waterproof but breathable to maintain a gentle environment in the intimate area.

Dimensions: 25x10cm


About cloth pads

Cloth pads are comfortable and gentle on the intimate area.

A sustainable alternative to disposable pads as they are washed and reused.

The pad is fastened around the crotch of the underwear and is changed approximately 3 times a day or as needed.

After use, the pad is placed in an airy storage until it's washed. To avoid discoloration, it's recommended to rinse the pad in cold water after use.

Material and product information

Inner layer: 100% bamboo
Core: 100% polyester
Outer layer: 100% polyester (PUL)

Responsibly produced in China.

Washing instructions

Wash at 60°C.
No fabric softener.
Tumble dry on low.

We recommend allowing cloth pads to air dry instead of using a tumble dryer to be environmentally conscious.

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