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Wetbag mini

Wetbag mini

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This wet bag is designed to keep moisture in while allowing air to circulate, preventing bad odors and excess moisture.

Ideal for all occasions

The bag is handy during workouts, swimming, travel, and much more. It is a conscious choice instead of plastic bags and helps reduce environmental impact.

It is also ideal for storing reusable fabric products like cloth pads and cloth diapers, making it a versatile tool in everyday life.

A convenient and odor-free storage system

For those who use cloth diapers or cloth pads, it becomes an optimal solution for managing storage needs in a convenient way.

Material and product information

Outgoing pattern is from non-recycled material


Products created with care for both your child and the planet

The fabric in the bag is made from recycled plastic and coated with a water-repellent surface that allows the fabric to breathe (PUL)


A good and sustainable choice

Our wetbags are responsibly produced in China and the polyester fabric in the product is made from recycled plastic.



100% recycled polyester (PUL)

Washing instructions

Care for your products, for long-term use and maintained quality. So they can be used and benefited for a long time.

Wash at 60°C, do not use fabric softener or bleach and do not tumble dry.

Customer Reviews

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Birgitta Linder

I use mine as a swim bag when I go swimming. Perfect with different compartments for soap, etc. After swimming, the swimsuit fits and it doesn't get wet in the bag. Perfect to hang up when showering.

Ebba Altvall

Wetbag mini

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